About us

    Haddad was established back in 1990 in Jeddah by co-founders Khaled and Bashir AlHaddad, by being able to perfect and master the world of mobile phones to rapidly becoming a leading retail telecommunication giant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


    Currently Haddad operates in multiple lines of business, including retail to distribution all the way to after sale services. With over 1000 highley qualified experts, Haddad is one of the leading retail telecommunication firms iin the Middle East.


    At Haddad, We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new retail concepts and monitor the development of new products. We create an experience for our customers that is monumental, unique and amusing.


    We work as an integrated port for mobile solutions from multiple branded phones, tablet computers, gaming technologies, mobile accessories, smart home solutions, support, along side of with a selection of complementing services that add exceptional value.


    Haddad is currently operating over 60 stores in 33 cities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This widespeard reach has enabled us to serve costumers and treat them with their most beloved iconic worldwide brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Apple. 


    After sale support services are a central part of what what we do and distinguish us from others. With a wide network of specialized service centers and points throughout the Kingdom, we are able to serve and service a large number of consumers.


    Distribution team of Haddad has the expereince at the Kingdom level, covering all regions with a wide network of storage outlets, transportation team and professional vendors. Haddad distributes mobile phones, tablets and accessories of many brands regionally.


    We value our customers and apprecite them no matter what the sitaution is, and this reflects the level of excellence they deserve 365 days of the year, whether they are dealing with us directly or through onilne shopping, or our social media channels.